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Summary: This article discusses the importance of health insurance. How to get health insurance. What may be involved in finding the right policy.

Health care insurance rates continue to escalate each year. It will be difficult and challenging to find affordable health insurance, but it can be done. Even if you can get health insurance where you work, and the employer is paying most of the premium, it can be expensive. Today, in an effort to cut costs, many companies only cover health insurance for the employee, and the emplyee has to pay for his dependents.

Another cost saving device has been the switch to HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations). The concept of an HMO is to keep costs down by encouraging preventive care and by limiting the choice of physicians a patient can choose. The physicians within the plan agree to set fees and the patient must be reviewed before any additional services can be rendered. This is thought to eliminate unnessary procedures that were making health care so expensive. PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) or POS (Point of Service) are a middle level solution, where the patient can opt out of the network, but at an additional cost.

If you need to find your own health insurance, you can find a listing of companies and their rates on a number of sites and find many options for health insurance. Online sites offer plans for individuals, families and small businesses. Usually anyone can obtain a health insurance policy. An exception may be an individual who already has a catastrophic illness, in which case most insurance companies would not insure him. An application for insurance with one of the companies listed on the above sites can be completed online. The appplication will include a questionnaire detailing the applicant's health history. Usually an application fee is required and then the application is reviewed. The monthly premiumw ill be based on the applicant's medical history. There are also plans available where you can keep the monthly premium lower by adjusting the coverage, for example, a higher deductible or a higher co-pay per doctor visit.

So just about anyone should be able to find affordable health insurance, and the application process is not difficult. It should not take more than a half hour or so to complete the questionnaire, and if you do have problems completing it, or if you don't understand some of the options available, there is usually a number where you can talk to a live representative. Many of these plans offer a mail in prescription drug benefit that give a three month supply of drugs. Since the processing costs are lower, it is advantageous for the health insurance company, and they are able to pass some of these savings on to the patient. Since it is easy and affordable to have health insurance, you should not risk being without it.

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